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My daughter several weeks later told me that she was made to promise that it was a secrete between her and Boardman and she was to never tell me. Soon after she found out that I knew, Molly broke her promise to keep it a secrete, she started bullying my kid.

My complaints to the school were swept under a rug and they kept trying to make me feel as though it was my 12 yr old daughters fault. My daughter wrote a note explaining her point of view that she was severely punished for because the school called it disrespectful. She had to sit out a week of lunch and a game for nothing. Since I worked for the school, I thought I might share a few things with anyone thinking they might want to send their child to Lyndon...

First of all, there is a softball player who pays ZERO dollars to attend the school because she is an athlete and her mom "volunteers for their accounting". I did witness the gift card to athletes rumor and this is how they get away with it; They use their AMX for everything and get cash back credits for increments of $500 that they bribe parents with. They fudge their test scores by having students take the wrong grade level standardize test (like a 12 yr old take a 5th grade level). They did not pay several teachers last checks to them.

They NEVER paid their second to last AD for working a month for free. They wrongly distributed the "pay it forward " funds. My child attended the school for an amount below the state required amount of scholarship money. They keep running away the good teachers/facility.

Last year, at the end of the year, they almost ran away one of the best things they have going for them (teacher and a coach). The only reason they did not is because her partner that works the front desk would leave as well.

Now Mr Burin's head is on the chopping block. This school is not ran well!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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